Herbs for Children

Herb Bath

Baby Gus Preparing for His Herb Bath

There is a special section of the garden where I am growing herbs for the baby.  These herbs include; calendula, chamomile, comfrey, mint, catnip, lemon verbena, roses, rosemary, and lavender. Not only are these herbs are easy to grow, but the pollinators love them and they can be added to drinks when a sleepy mama needs a cocktail.

Below is what I typically do with these herbs:

* calendula & chamomile for making herbal oils that can be used for massage oil or mix with beeswax to create an herbal salve

* comfrey is great for making oils to make a salve to cure the dreaded diaper rash

* mint & lemon verbena are refreshing to add to the baby’s bath

* catnip is for making a warm bath to soak the baby in to calm them and/or bring down a fever

* rosemary is a special herb to add to baths. The Mayans use this herb to clear “bad” energy

* lavender is for infusing in either olive, almond, or apricot oil to make a massage oil, which helps calm and relax the baby

Herbs I make herbal sun tea out of and add to drinks include: lemon verbena, lavender, mint and rosemary.

Lemon verbena harvested from the garden

Lemon verbena harvested from the garden