Summer Garden 2013

The garden this summer is in full bloom. The raised beds built three years ago are bursting with flowers, herbs and veggies. Every summer, I stand in the garden and reflect upon my plant choices and wonder “am I not growing enough of … or too much of… ” (fill in the blank). It is always clear to me I wish I had more flowers. Next summer, I will make sure there are plenty of flowers in the garden.


What is also clear to me is how I always plant my tomatoes too close together. They seem fine, but, I want to make sure they have enough space between them to receive the air circulation they need. To make sure my tomatoes don’t get blossom end rot, I only water them in the morning and only water the roots and not the aerial parts of the plants.






The squash and zucchini plants always grow way bigger than you remember the year before. I think I may try to grow them on a trellis next summer to save space and make harvesting easier. We have all been there when you see a ripe squash or zucchini and think, I will pick that one tomorrow because it will be the perfect size only to forget and a week later it weighs 25 pounds.

This year, I experimented with planting borage and calendula as cover crops in the empty spaces along my perennial shrub and berry border. These two herbs need little water or attention, they deter weeds,  attract pollinators, fill in a space quickly without being invasive, are beautiful, bloom all summer and into early fall, and are edible.

My purple, pink and white cosmo flowers pictured below in the right hand corner of the photo are not only beautiful, but attract tons of pollinators, including moths, our lesser know nighttime pollinators. Moths are attracted to white or other light-colored flowers and only come out during the wee hours of the night. Next summer, I am going to plant more moth attracting plants such as flowering tobacco, gardenia, and moon flowers.